Match Oracle – Matchweek 7 Update

This is the first week that we really had strangers (no offense strangers) who signed up to use our app. The previous weeks we had friends and family using it and telling us that they liked it and thought it was a good idea. Thanks, everyone! That’s what you are supposed to say. But for this week, we actually had a few people from Reddit, Indie Hackers, and Twitter joining us. It is really fun to see people signing up for your app that you don’t know. We can even see if people are in the app and what they are using, and that is ten times as exciting! Random people are using our app! Woohoo! This week worked well because there were 2 matches that ended in a 0-0 draw, so it was nice to have the app work exactly for the reason we made it. We are looking to start advertising to get 100 users who actually use the Match Oracle each week, so that is one of our next steps. If you want to take a look, you can go to the Match Oracle App and see what you think. Email us if you like what you see!