Match Oracle – First Week with Friends and Family

Matt and I have been working hard and are at a place where Match Oracle ( works for what we want. It has a lot of bugs so it isn’t working as smoothly as we’d like, but we always know what to do to fix it. We decided to ask a few friends and family to try it out to hear their thoughts and while people think it is cool, it didn’t work well. First, we automatically grab data from a soccer site that provides data to users. We use an API (Application Programming Interface) which lets websites talk to each other and share data. I’m using Google Sheets to then take this information and apply different formulas to the data to get a match rating. Unfortunately, the API failed when we tried to get too much information at the same time (there are limitations to what is allowed with using an add-on in Google Sheets). While I really like Google Sheets, some of these limitations are pretty annoying. Because of this error, all the games were showing up as a 0-0 draw, so our app was then recommending skipping all of the matches! Obviously, that wasn’t right. The other major problem was that I was out of cell range so I wasn’t able to make the changes necessary to get it up and running, so we had to wait hours to be able to fix it. We learned a lot from our first attempt and hope to have more success with each progressive week.