Best Extension for Google Chrome

Some people are really good at keeping their online documents organized. Some are experts at keeping their email inboxes empty. I’ve even heard that there are people who only have a few tabs open in their browser at a time. So few in fact, that they can even read the titles of the websites on the tabs themselves. That’s just plain crazy. I’m lucky if I can even distinguish one tab from another.

But then I discovered a little gem of an extension called Workona Tab Manager.

School. Church. Tennis. Board games. Tech. Random websites. These are all the different types of tabs that I have open at a given time. A middle school boy’s locker rivals the mess at the top of my browser window. But once you load Workona, you are able to categorize all of your tabs and keep them organized. On the left side of the screen, you’ll notice a section that houses all of your workspaces. This is where you choose which topics you want to organize. Make as many workspaces as you’d like to keep yourself on task and organized.

The workspace that I have selected shows all the tabs I like to have open about tennis. When I close this workspace by clicking the x (red arrow), all the tabs go away. When I click on the tennis workspace on a different day, all the tabs magically show back up. It’s a beautiful sight. No longer do I have a long list of bookmarks that I can’t easily organize. If there is a picture I took or a resource that I want to keep organized, I can upload it to Workona’s resource area (blue arrow). Want a quick place to jot notes? The notes section (orange arrow) allows you to do that. Perhaps you even want to start a to-do list based on tennis… again, it’s doable with the tasks section (green arrow). If you collaborate with other Workona users (I have a few colleagues who also use it), we can have the same tabs/notes/resources available if we choose to share a workspace (yellow arrow). Instead of telling a colleague to search Google Drive for the document from 3 months ago, I can just have it as a shared tab and it will show up for them when they select that workspace.

You can easily move tabs from one workspace to another so that you can keep your tabs organized throughout the day. I find that when I have my MS Work tab open, I am able to stay a bit more focused on the task at hand without losing the info I had pulled up about my next tennis match. I’m also able to find the specific tab I need faster since I’m able to see the label on the tab instead of just the icon.

Another feature I really like is the Find Anything feature at the top of the Workona sidebar. If you hit option-f from any part of your browser, the Workona find feature will appear and it will search all of your recent tabs for whatever word you enter (as well as your Google Drive if you have that connected). It is an amazing way to quickly find what you are looking for.

This is one of the best extensions I use and would highly recommend it to anyone who needs a little organization in their life.