Notes for Rails – creating a new page

Just for those following along, I’m learning how to create a new app: How to create a new Rails application: rails new test_app (where “test_app” is the name of the program) and add an html to that page.

I first have to make a new route in the config folder in my new app.  I do that by loading my app in Atom (or a similar editor) and drilling down in the file tree to the config folder.  Open routes.rb and create a new path by typing get 'pages/home', to: 'pages#home'. This creates the route, but now I’ll need a controller and a view. To create a controller, find the controllers folder which is nested inside the app folder. Inside that folder, I’ll need to make a new file called pages_controller.rb. Once that file is created, I’ll need to put the following code in to inherit the stuff from the ApplicationController:
class PagesController < ApplicationController

Then inside the pages_controller.rb file and inside the class PagesController, I’ll need to define the action(method): home.
class PagesController < ApplicationController
  def home

The last thing I need to create is the template for the page. Navigate to the views folder and create a new folder titled pages. Inside that folder create a new file titled home.html.erb. That page is the actual webpage, so put “This is the home page”(or whatever you want).

One additional note: to add a ruby code to a .erb file, you have to put the code between <% and %> brackets.  If you want the code to actually show something on the screen of a web browser, the open bracket should be <%= and closing should be %>.  A link would be: <%= link_to 'Home Page', pages_home_path %> where 'Home Page' (is the text that will be the link) and pages_home_path is the path to the controller (pages) and the action or method (home) - which will get you to the actual Home Page.  Don't forget the comma between the two (I wasted 15 minutes forgetting that earlier)...

Also... instead of having to type to see the rails server, and then having to type to get to the home page, you can make be the home page.  You just have to go to the routes.rb (in the config folder and change the code from this:
get 'pages/home', to: 'pages#home' 
to this:
root 'pages#home'.
Once that is changed, make sure to update the path to <%= link_to 'Home Page', root_path %>