Rainbow is her favorite color

If you know anything about my girl, she loves unicorns, slime, and rainbows.  She has declared rainbow her favorite color  .  Her brother, being the loving brother that he is, got her a rainbow craft for Christmas.  He was determined to get her a box of crayons and a canvas so that they could make a piece of art together.  We all finished it together last night and it came out great!  Good job, Paco! 

It was really fun to see how excited both the kids were to find gifts for others and how much joy it brought them to give those presents to others.  I felt like this was truly the first year they both got the importance of thinking of others not always being interested in receiving, but instead giving!

2 thoughts to “Rainbow is her favorite color”

  1. Love this – both the lessons they learned and the picture of them and the beautiful rainbow craft. Well done Paco and Ladybug!

    I think Rainbow is my favorite color too.

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