Ruby on Rails

I’ve always been interested in coding and try to teach myself different languages at different times.  I’ve dabbled in Ruby a while ago, but don’t remember a ton.  But I want to get better and would like to write a web app for our Tennis Singles Ladder (which is currently running using a Google Sheet).  It works for what we need it for, but I thought it would be nice to convert it to something a little bit shinier (and a project for me to build while learning a language).  But to start, I need a short refresher course.  So I googled the best ways to learn Ruby.  I’m going to keep some sites referenced here but also will try to write down some of what I’m learning.

Ruby Warrior is a cool little game that has increasingly difficult levels that require you to write code to have your knight work his way through a dungeon.  If you’ve never learned any coding or Ruby, this probably isn’t the place to start as there really isn’t any teaching.  I’ve been able to fumble my way through the first six levels so far with just a bit of youtube help.  If anything it is learning through watching other people succeed and copying what they are doing.  Not sure if it will be super helpful with my end goal, but it is a fun way to remember certain aspects of Ruby.

Other sites to eventually check out:
Udemy – offering $200 courses for $10 this week
The Odin Project
Thoughtbot – Upcase – recommended by my brother