Gaming Profile

As you probably know, I enjoy board games.  I own an unhealthy amount of games (more than I can play), but whenever someone wants to play a board game, I’m interested.  So when I came across this survey, my brain’s synapses fired.   Board games plus data?  Yes, please.  I didn’t necessarily find out a lot about myself that I didn’t know, but it was interesting to see it graphed.

My Gaming Profile

My game profile told me that I like low conflict, grounded, and independent games.  I didn’t think I prefer as much social manipulation as the chart showed, but I’m usually a non-confrontational sort of person so the low conflict made sense to me.  The really interesting thing was after answering the questionnaire and then entering the last 3 games I enjoyed playing, it recommended 10 games for me to play.  Out of the 10 chosen, I own 6 (and enjoy them), my brother owns 1 (and it is one of my favorites), I’ve played and enjoyed another one but don’t normally have enough people to play with, and the last 2 I’ve been interested in getting.   Not bad, game recommendation machine!  🙂